Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

July, a busy and hot month . . . .

From the beginning of the month, its be go, go, go, and now we're just tired out. With Erin and her sons visiting, we made a trip to Ephrata, WA to visit Leslie and Troy and the children. It was such an enjoyable time with all of them together. We especially liked visiting the area and spending time with at least five grandchildren. Our time there was all too short and we had to make it back to Utah.

On the morning of our departure, I took some pictures of the scenery from the patio door of leslie and Troy's home. It seemed fitting since everything was quiet.

The car was loaded and we just had to bring ourselves to get in and get going. A 750+ miles to home but we made it in 14 - 16 hours. Of course we had to make the essential stops.

The evening before leaving, Troy and I finally found time to put Leslie's new quilter frame together. So, this picture is of the finished project and shows Leslie enjoying her quilting. Of course, it was fortunate that Jo was there to help give some instructions on how to operate it. So, Happy Quilting, Leslie.

Upon our return, I check the garden and here is a picture of the progress, ripe tomatos. Fortunately the garden got watered, with the help of a drip system and timer.

Another view of my garden this year.

Well, after the weekend of our return from Ephrata, we had the sad task of bidding our grandsons farewell, especially early in the morning. They brought us so much joy and fun, and with the noise, our home resembled a normal home.

Bidding farewell at the airport.

A couple of days after Erin and the boys left for home, I travelled to Portsmouth, Virginia to attend a conference for work. There was so much history in Virginia and got to see a few historic places.

A monument remembering the confederate state and there involvement in the civil war.

I talked to our son Jesse who is living in northern Maryland and arranged to meet him half way so I could see him and his family. He drove south to Ocean City, Maryland, while I drove north from Portsmouth, crossed the Chesapeak Bay, a long bridge and a tunnel under the bay and on to Ocean City.

Little Jesse and brother Jackson (Jack Jack)

Jesse and his two sons.

Grandpa Calabio with Jesse, Jackson, and little Jesse.

I received an award, being honored by our national association of college and university mail services. It was for mail manager of the year. It was a great experience to be recognized.

Anyway, the month was busy, busy, busy. To top that off, Jo did my irrigation while I was away and had the misfortune to break her foot and fracture the side of her forhead. Needless to say, she is scheduled for surgery to repair her foot, but there isn't anything they can do about the fractured skull. She's already let me know that she'll never do irrigation for me again.

Though the month's been busy, I'm glad its over.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer Time in PG

Correctly translated, this means family visit, neighborhood BBQ, Strawberry Days Parade, and of course, quilting here below "G" mountain.

George is all excited before we go to the neighborhood BBQ picnic.

We have great neighbors, such as the Mark and Linda with their two sons.

Its a time for relaxing for Heber and Doris.

Of course we can't forget the extended family (by marriage), just across the street and two doors down, Carol and new hubby and family.

Then there the Strawberry Days parade and all the fun of a small town whooping it up.

Henry really enjoyed the warm day and catching candy thrown by the parade people.

Henry and Grandma enjoy a hug. Boy what a difference it makes at home having grandchildren visit us.

Ipo doggy and Grandma relax on the front porch.

This quilt is a product of Jo who is the G Mountain Quilter.

Ipo is there for contrast.
4th of July Celebration

Being a kid is the best thing possible especially when there is a parade. Here are a few photos of the Annual Freedom Festival Parade in Provo. We had to get up early to get a good spot on the parade route.

George is all excited about the parade.

People in the area are really patriotic and enjoyed the parade theme.

Henry enjoys a ring pop during the parade.

The boys enjoyed the Wells Fargo stage coach. This is the real West.

A warm summer day brings all sorts of ideas about how best to enjoy the day and cool off. While visiting Troy and Leslie and their children in Ephrata, Washington, we took an afternoon trip to a nearby lake. We had all sorts of fun keeping cool and ended the activity playing minature golf and topped off with ice cream treat and snow cones.

Erin with George, Anna and Christian hit the lake for a dip.

Baby Emily likes to explore and almost got one of those "hot" nuts (Wasabi flavored Almonds).

Christian, George, and the gang all enjoyed the treat at the end of the day.

We also took a trip to the Farmers Market at Wenatchee and while waiting for the adult shoppers, the kids enjoyed the bubbles in the cool comfort of the shade.

Henry, Christian and George enjoy some of that delicious Rainier cherries. They wiped out the whole bag in a couple of minutes, but it was good. They didn't mind.

Henry, George, and Christian are all ready to go to church here. Christian gave a talk in Primary and we all enjoyed our day at Church.

In a moment of quiet, Anna and Grandma pose for a picture. Anna had just finished off some cherries at a picnic dinner by the pool.