Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter Chill Is Here . . . .

On Wednesday morning, we said goodbye to Nikki and Dan and the kids. Besides the sadness, the day was sure cold. From what Nikki told us later, the cold in the morning here in PG was nothing to the cold in Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. We were relieved to hear that they've made it home safely.
For us, standing outside in the cold saying goodbye was only a preview of the cold weather we have experienced in the past two days. The temperature hasn't risen above freezing and the nights were down in the single digits and low teens.
Standing out in the cold to say goodbye, even though it was a beautiful day. . .
At least everyone stayed put for a picture of the family. The kids were cooperative but it has its limitations and they were getting tired and couldn't stand taking one more picture.
Elijah had some of the best expressions and it was just a great time to have them all here. Our home is sure quiet now.
Each of our grandchildren are so dear to us and they all are talented and have their own special uniqueness. Here Gabby lovingly gives Ipo a big hug, which was a pleasent experience for Ipo.
I have more photos to share but this blog page won't accept more.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving Celebration, Family, and an Early Christmas with the Minotians . . .

Our Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for family. We had a visit from Nikki and Dan and their children and also my nephew Jarom, who's attending the "Y". The children sure loved Jarom and it made our home filled with life.

The one thing about having turkey for the main course is that we prepared so much and after the dinner, had a lot of left overs. Even 4-5 days later, there were remnants of turkey and other left overs. It was all good.

As with tradition, we start to put up our Christmas Tree at this time of the year and with the extra visitor help, everything on the tree went up fast. The kids contributed alot and later we adjusted the ornaments and balanced them out throughout the tree. You know the drill, move the ornaments from the lower branches and spread them around. We all had fun and it was a festive evening.

We've been enjoying the visit of Nikki and Dan and the kids. Of course, there are some adjustments you have to make and give equal time to the other side for visits. Afterall, what is half a block away between families. It was all good and except for some rescheduling issues, it could have been better. (Enough said.)

The joy of our lives is to visit with our grandchildren. It was so much fun and exciting, they are all so sweet. This is to mean all of our grandchildren, from the east coast to the west coast and to the islands of Hawaii. We love them all. They are great. Of course, we don't have to put up much with the cranky lack of sleep, or don't want to go to bed yet issue, and even the smell of surprise when you pick one of the little ones up. Their parents are so loving that they take care of those issues. Still, its all good.

We can't wait for visits from our other daughters and their families. It will help boost the low spirits around here, especially when we get that way as the children return to their homes. How come they can just live close by. Isn't there a rule or law that states this? Anyway, we've had a great time and its been good.

As you can see, even Ipo got in the spirit of the season. Reluctantly she kept her reindeer horns on until I could take this picture. Tis is the season for joy and good will. . .

Monday, November 27, 2006

A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There . . .

Sorry for not updating the blog page more often. Sometimes there isn't much to say or add to the happenings from below "G" Mountain. We are well and have been doing the normal things the fall season brings to this area. That is, rake and lawn vac the leaves. I don't mind having to rake up the leave from our trees in our yard but the one that gets me is the one that hangs over from our neighbor to the south. They are such nice people and we have gotten along very well since we move here. Their tree puts out big leaves. They mostly fall onto our yard. Thinking back, I believe our kids didn't appreciate having to rake them up also.

I'm almost to the point of taking my chainsaw and cutting a portion of that tree down, the portion that hangs over the brick wall. As far as leaves from our tree, I even get the ones that fall on the road and onto the gutter and take care of those. Now, if the wind does blow them over to the other side of the street or down the street in either direction, that I classify that as payback or just the way things are in the neighborhood. Is that not being nice or what?

Enough of the leaves since we are having our first winter storm this afternoon and for the next two days. I don't mind it though, just don't like to drive in it. There should be a law where the snow only falls on the mountains and stays there till late spring or summer. How come that never happens?

You get the feeling that this is a gripe session or an outward appeal for help? Well, there is some benefits to living below "G" Mountain. They are: hmm . . . Well, we've established a place where our children and their families can come an visit. Ok, it's not Disneyland but visiting in times other than when it's snowing or utter cold is the best. Our home is a landmark, the kids have put their mark on the place, like when I poured a cement pad at the back door, some of our kids wrote their names in the soft cement. There was also some carved initials in one of the trees in the front yard which has since gone they way of the earth. There are other good memories here and it always comes to the forefront of our mind when our kids and their families come for visits. There hasn't been any exception to that statement ever.

Anyway, the town below "G" Mountain is growing, traffice is getting heavier each day, and more stop lights have been put in on the roads. You can never have it like it was, such is life.