Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes Even Your Parents Read FB!

It's amazing how technology is always upgrading and improving. Electronics are getting tiny tiny by the minute. Well, I don't think that we are so far behind the technology curve as some people might think.

If it has a keyboard, we liken it to a manual typewriter. If the keyboard is comfortable and slanted like a typewriter, we like it. If its flat or less than a full size, we have challenges. Heaven forbid, trying to type or text with those little tiny tiny keyboards that seem to slide out on a cell phone. It least that has more promise than tying to text using a numeric keypad of older cell phones.

Well, I frequent FB just about daily to keep up with people we know and whats happening in their lives. Its more interesting when it's from one of our children or their spouses.

On Monday, I answered an email from our youngest about what the current gas prices were. Not thinking and just answering her questions, I gave quotes from the local pumps here in Happy Valley. Seemed normal, since they are planning to travel to the mainland at the end of next month for family visits. Little preparation never is a waste on such matter as car rentals and gas prices.

Then the next day, my wife spied a comment on FB about if our youngest was going to attend her HS Reunion. Earlier comments were the great expense of airfares but as she read more comments, it was highly likely that our youngest was going to travel to the Mountain West to attend such HS Reunion.

The neat thing about FB is that you can get related comments or post from others say such as our son in-law. Yeah, his was more of a confirmation that they were indeed flying over. By then, other friends of our youngest innocently confirmed their meeting at the HS Reunion. Ah Hah!

So, we do the domestically proper thing, we call on the telephone, but no answers and try again and again. Same result. Then my wife decides to make an official inquiry by emailing our youngest. In polite surprise that we deducted the coniving plan of surprise, she admits to their travel plans. See, your secret is out on FB.

We are pleasantly happy for their travels, we get to see our #20 grandchild, and wow, how blessed we are. Oh yeah, the photo is compliments of our son inlaw using his new Apple iPhone 4 that he got in line at 2 or 3 AM in the morning in Las Vegas to get it. Neat or cool phone. He demonstrated some cool things that it does.

So in conclusion, if you don't want your parents to find out you plans or secrets, don't discuss it on FB even if it is a way of sharing the news.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Have Been Assimilated, "Resistance Is Futile"

Today was the first official day back in our home ward after over 5 and 2/3 years serving in the 8th Stake. Wow, lots of older people, large, large Primary, lots of teens, and we know less than half of them.

We've had lots of great memories and experience, just awesome young families there. We had a great blessing of working with other awesome couples from "feeder" Stakes in the area. They too will be missed.

Well, today was "Fathers Day" and we celebrated it with our ohana here in PG. Erin and Mark did a super BBQ, Jarom provided some ukulele lessons and entertainment, the grand children were delightful, and Bubba got a hose bath out in the yard. I think he above all enjoyed the cool water bath.

Of course, this is PG in June, warm weather has finally arrived. The dessert of root beer floats or sundaes were awesome. Hit the spot.

Got some of my garden put in yesterday. The weather this spring has been mostly cold and rainy. Hope the garden will catch up before the fall sets in.

We are planning our PG Family Reunion on August 9, 10, 11. We hope to have as many of our children and their families be here for that event. We will make the most of it during that time. It will be great to have as many of the grandchildren here. Can't wait.

For a catch up on the past couple of months since the last post, Jo recently had a hand operation and is still wearing a cast/splint. Trying to do things with only one hand is a challenge. We've been busy at work and church. That changed last week when I was released. All good things do come to an end, at least for now.

I will try to be more diligent in updating the blog frequently. You all have a great day. Bye for now.