Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Starts Tomorrow, Goodbye Winter

This is Ipo, our doggy. She has the run of the house and yard, and if she happens to slip out the front door, or garage, or yard, then the neighborhood is her domain. We resort to a reliable and proven method to get her back to the house, bribery. She know how to play the game, and she's very good at it. Above all, we know who rules in our home.

Now for more less important things in life, and Ipo could care less, let me proceed.

You ever notice how time moves so slowly until you don't want it to move at all? You all probably suffered as much as we do with daylight savings time. Yeah! We never seem to adjust to it for a couple of weeks.

Since the beginning of the year, winter has taken it's toll on us. You're cold all the time, you boost the thermostat a few degrees in the home, you boost it in the car while driving, you even turn on the bum warmer in the car seats if you have them, just so you can feel the warmth.

So when spring comes, you start to appreciate the longer daylight, warmer temperatures until July and August, and you realize the grass is turning from brown to green and starting to look shaggy. Whatever your plans were, now you have to start to plan to cut the lawn, water, fertilize, and if you're realistic, pick up the winter dog poop, prune the fruit trees and start the gardening.
With spring, comes the dreaded allergies. For the most part, I don't suffer from the pollen, dust, house mites, etc. Just from the yard and garden work. Our doggy is affected by the grass. Strange but true, it affects
her paws. Maybe the solution is to put some shoes or boots on her.

There's just no end to spring time work.