Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Remembering the Warmth

While driving to work this morning, our car recorded the outside temperature as 5 degrees. The news on the radio were saying in some places it was in the negative readings. It is cold, cold, cold. The only advantage this morning was that it didn't snow, that would mean slick road conditions, slow driving, farther distances between cars, slipping and sliding all the way, Ho, Ho, Ho!
I looked at one of our daughter's blog this morning and she shared pictures of our family trip to Hawaii. So, as we remember the warm days and evenings there, I thought I would share some warm thoughts of family and friends.
We made a point to attend church at the branch where my parents attended for many many years. There are still family and friends that remain. They in life, maintain that special spirit of Aloha! So with our families joining together, we visited the Honomu Branch. There we enjoyed the Sabbath, with an "aloha style." We visited with the matriarch, "Auntie Abbie" who is such a remarkable lady. Even at the advance age of 94 years young, she leads the music in Sacrament Meeting. Such a good family friend for all these years, she brings joy to us all and especially Mom, who is 87 years. We visited with Gail, her daughter, who is a longtime friend and even was our daughter Leslie's Young Women leader back in the early 90's.
I noticed our grandchildren just having fun with Auntie Abbie's great grandchildren. So, another generation of long lasting friendship begins. We also were blessed to visit with my brother Dean and his family. It was such a great visit, family and friends.
So, on cold, cold days such as this, I look at pictures of our trip to Hawaii and remember the warmth there. Oh yea, we got to see where the volcanic lava flow entered the ocean to create more land. Wow, what a trip.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Got Beach?

When you go to Hawaii, you've got to schedule some beach time. We did just that and had a blast. Our favorite hangout is Bellows Beach in Waimanalo on Oahu. Of course, you've got to get past the "rent a cops" at the gate entrance, and then the beach is all yours. There is a small Air Force Station there at Bellows, but the beach is awesome.

Our family got to swim, boogey board, bodysurf, and make sand castles on the beach. Lucky, the weather was fine and the water had no jelly fish which sometimes are found. But no worries, we spent the time well.

Our grandchildren had great fun there and we even had a picnic. When our children were younger, as a family we would spend up to a week of our summer there at Bellows. Talk about some tanning time, wow. Anyway, it's a great place to spend some of the vacation time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Return from Paradise

I guess everyone has their own idea or interpretation of what "paradise" may mean to them. Years ago, we chose to leave paradise for a more manageable life on the mainland. Looking back, we feel we made the right decision for our family. We visit the islands whenever we can get their for a reasonable price or when we may have too, say for family reasons.

Two weeks ago, we took the opportunity to travel back to the islands again for a family vacation and to see my mom who is not getting any younger. We got to see the sights, eat the food, enjoy the weather including the higher humidity, shop at the swap meet and the courtesy of the local drivers, " eh! go ahead, I give you chance." Wow, it was great.

We were also accompanied by two of our daughters and their families. We all met up in Laie to stay with our youngest daughter and her family.

Instant mayhem, or just lots of family in one home. It was great to see the young cousins play together. Maybe to others, it was instant insanity, but we all managed, and had fun. Got to see our extended family, you know, cousins, and other friends. Such a choice opportunity.

We took a trip to the Big Island or homeland, and visited my mom, sister and her family and other family members like my brother and his family, aunts, cousins, and dear family friends. Such a memorable time there. We celebrated my mom's 87th birthday early and had a great time.

Our time at the swap meet seemed too short, or at the beach, or being with family. In all, the trip was worth it and makes us long to return again very soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Pilgrimage to Mt. Timpanogos

For a couple years now, we make an annual pilgrimage to the Alpine Loop, a road that takes one to the east side of Mt. Timpanogos. We look forward to the changing colors of the trees on the mountainside. It make for such a spectacular spray of colors.
The colors don't last very long especially with the colder weather fast approaching. We took the road up AF Canyon and so did hundreds of others. On this particular day, we enjoyed sunshine, clear skys and such awesome colors.
We took the fork to Cascade Springs to capture a different view of the colors. The trees were in bright colors of reds, yellows and oranges. It was a sight not to be forgotten. We hope you enjoy the Fall Season.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

This Blog Is Still Alive, Just On Life Support!

I am sorry for not posting to the blog in almost two months. So if you are out there, stay tuned and I promise this blog will be updated. A lot has happened in almost two months. We are well and trying to keep up with everything. So much has happened in our family's lives that we need to fill you in on. Other milestones have been passed, and we're still here in PG.
I'll add photos soon and bring you all up to date. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ohana Get Together, Where's The Beach??

We don't often have family get togethers where it's better we find a park or picnic ground to hold our gathering. Well, since there is few times we have one, any good reason is reason enough.
My nephew and family were in town for a family reunion for his wife's family. Well, since they travelled far, we asked if we could meet our side of the family. Their schedule was flexible and we made it an opportune moment to gather everyone possible together.
Now this is big time for us, with my nephew Aley and Sarah and their family visiting the area, we had our daughter Leslie and her children visiting us already, my nephew Jarom, who is attending BYU in the area, daughter Erin and her family and my nephews Aunt Alisie and her children, and us. We were fortunate to reserve our home Stake Picnic grounds, because all the local parks were taken. July is big on family reunions here in Utah. What a fun time we had on a warm day.
Above, picture of Erin and Ruby, trying to bear the heat of the day.

Here, our eldest grandson Christian tries out this new skate board or whatever board along with cousin Henry.

Here, Aley with daughter Audrey.

Close-up of Audrey.

The runner, Aley IV, just kept running around the picnic area and having fun at it.

Serious cousin discussion, Aley IV and Theodore check out the sand pit.

Family group shot at the picnic grounds.

Cooling off at home in the family room.

No better time than the present to hitch a horsey ride on Uncle Jarom.

Aley IV was having fun with Ipo.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Celebrating Independance Day

We like to display our flag as often as others in our neighborhood. In addition, the scout troop in our ward also displays a flag in your yard during national holidays for those who want to and for a small fee. The funds are used to support the scouting program in the local unit.
They do a great job, and it is a great service. We like both, our own flag and the one the scouts put up.

On Friday at a BBQ with Mark, Erin, and family, Ruby wasn't feeling well so Erin showed her some sympathy by crying along with her.

Trying to get up close to the balloons throught the crowds, Erin goes for the photo shot.

Once the balloons lift off, they are a sight to behold. What a picture perfect morning for the balloon lift off at Provo.

Jarom with George, Henry, and Teddy watching the balloons.

The start of the PG 4th of July fireworks display. I'm proud of our little town that carries on a tradition of holding its fireworks display for the public. Even better, ever since the PG High School converted their football field to syntethic turf, the city move the fireworks down the the Jr. High which is only a half a block from our home. So, now, we walk down the the neighbors with our lawn chairs and sit and watch it with relative ease and enjoyment. We didn't have to fight the traffic, just sit back and relax.
In all the places our family has lived, I can only remember a few places where we would go and watch the fireworks display. There was Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and RAF Chicksands fete. Of course there would be other displays but you would have to drive a considerable distance to view them. Here in Utah Valley, there's the huge Stadium of Fire and of course our PG City display.

More rockets and starbursting in the air.

Erin, Teddy, and Mark watch the festivities.

Mighty starshells burting in the air was the order for the evening. We all enjoyed the show. Hope you had a great celebration.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching up on Trip Pics

Our trip plan during June was to go and see family, sights, and take pictures of great places to visit. When you plan such a trip, often as always with me, I plan too much to do and the allotted amount of time. So it began with our usual pilgramage to a military installation nearby or along the route and check things out, especially the shopping. (Somehow, Jo and I can't get it out of our systems.) Anyway, from one thing to another, our trip began to get delayed at each stop. We loved the family visits, and then when we got to some breath-taking view along the way, we would stop, take pictures, more pictures, and then get back on the road. Those short stops really adds up the time. Anyway, no regrets here from both of us, we really had a great time. When the weather wasn't cooperating and just clouding over, we would stop, have a prayer for sunshine and better picture taking weather, and put our trust in God, the sun would come out and we again would stop and take pictures.
So, here are pictures of family that we had an awesome time visiting. It was great catching up with, playing with the grandchildren, and spending some fun times together. We're figuring out this grandparent thing pretty good. We have some super grandchildren.
Here are our family pictures of the trip:

Dick and Joan at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Brenda, Joan, Jo, Dick, and Me

Brad and Holly and Family

The Costantino Family (Niece Brenda)

Daniel and Family

Jo at Vandenberg AFB Beach

Hammy and Gabby

Hammy, big brother Pookie, and Bun

Troy, Leslie and Kids and Us

Miss Anna

Emily, Grandma and friendly puppy

Erin and Jarom directing the kids to pick up the parade candy

Mark and Ruby Jo (Strawberry Days beautiful baby contestant)

Ruby Jo and the "Bruddahs"