Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching up on Trip Pics

Our trip plan during June was to go and see family, sights, and take pictures of great places to visit. When you plan such a trip, often as always with me, I plan too much to do and the allotted amount of time. So it began with our usual pilgramage to a military installation nearby or along the route and check things out, especially the shopping. (Somehow, Jo and I can't get it out of our systems.) Anyway, from one thing to another, our trip began to get delayed at each stop. We loved the family visits, and then when we got to some breath-taking view along the way, we would stop, take pictures, more pictures, and then get back on the road. Those short stops really adds up the time. Anyway, no regrets here from both of us, we really had a great time. When the weather wasn't cooperating and just clouding over, we would stop, have a prayer for sunshine and better picture taking weather, and put our trust in God, the sun would come out and we again would stop and take pictures.
So, here are pictures of family that we had an awesome time visiting. It was great catching up with, playing with the grandchildren, and spending some fun times together. We're figuring out this grandparent thing pretty good. We have some super grandchildren.
Here are our family pictures of the trip:

Dick and Joan at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Brenda, Joan, Jo, Dick, and Me

Brad and Holly and Family

The Costantino Family (Niece Brenda)

Daniel and Family

Jo at Vandenberg AFB Beach

Hammy and Gabby

Hammy, big brother Pookie, and Bun

Troy, Leslie and Kids and Us

Miss Anna

Emily, Grandma and friendly puppy

Erin and Jarom directing the kids to pick up the parade candy

Mark and Ruby Jo (Strawberry Days beautiful baby contestant)

Ruby Jo and the "Bruddahs"

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Piglet de' Erin said...

Wow dad, great pictures...and holy cow I am looking pudgy!