Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blitzing the West Coast

This posting is to let all our family and friends know that we made it home safely, but tired. Vacations are meant to have fun, relax, and chill out. This one kind of got out of hand. Our agenda was to coincide our visit with several happenings. Jo's brother and wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Way to go! We got to see their family who are all grown up. We had hoped to see Jo's sister whose health had been declining. Sadly to say, we never got to see her and she passed away yesterday. So, we will be making a return trip to Southern California soon.
By the way, we enjoyed getting to see Nikki + (2), Dan, Pookie, Gabby, Bun, and Hammy at Vandenberg AFB plus Leslie, Troy, Christian, Anna and Emily at Ephrata, and of course our extended family at Apple Valley. All totaled, we drove some 3700 miles according to the odometer.
During the travels, we enjoyed listening to a couple books on CD, stopping by the roadside to take photos of the scenery, touring Yosemite NP, the Redwoods, Monterey Bay Aquarium (only me because it was $30 a person), California central coast from the vantage point of driving CA Hwy 1, the southern Oregon coast, the Columbia River, Wenatchee, Cashmere, and Levanworth WA, and of course the drive home through NE Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Wow, we are plum tuckered out.
When we rescued our Po doggie from Erin's boarding kennel, she was soooo excited to see us and to know that we're home. The biggest shock was that while we were on our trip, the weather in Utah has been wet with frequent rain. To top that off, I set the sprinkler system to take care of the usually dry weather and surprise, our lawn is at least a foot plus in height. Anyone got a few sheep to loan us?
We'll upload some pictures of the trip soon. Have a great day! Aloha!
(ps. I wasn't sick at all or felt ill during the whole time on the trip. That priesthood blessing from our home teacher (Aussie Bro. Anthony) sure strengthened me the whole time. Went to the hospital for two test yesterday and will see the doctor next week for what's next?)

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