Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Trip Pics

The central coast of California.
No guard rails to stop you form going over the edge.

Peaceful coastline

Julia Pieffer State park beach

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Life in the kelp forrest

Sharks are also part of life in the kelp forrest

Feeding time for the fish

Jelly fish as big as basketballs

View of Half Dome rock at Yosemite NP

Yosemite Falls

Scenic background of Yosemite NP

Sitting on a redwood

Tree bigger around than your car
Driving through a redwood
Just some of the sights on the trip. We really got to appreciate the awesome sights and beauty of our country, created by God. We thought we'd share them with you.


Rach said...

I love the pictures. You are such a great photographer dad!! I love the picture of you & mom standing infront of somewhere...MOM should paint that one. GREAT scenic pictures. I bet MOM loved it.

Jo said...

I took the picture of the Julia Pfeiffer State Park, and very possibly some of the others. I took the pictures of Dad driving the car thru the redwood tree. Mom