Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What To Do For A Weekend Getaway?

I've always seen those travel commercials where they bait you into taking a weekend getaway and have all
these exciting things to do to have fun. Just like cramming for a final but more fun.
But us, we're more practical people who don't usually pick the fun things. I say it's a matter of perspective.
Tops on our list was to take a trip to California and first get out of the inversion filled air we were blanketed with. that alone is a good reason to go to the west coast.

Another winner was to attend the baptism of our grandson, third one to be baptized. There were conditions first, before we headed off to California. The weather had better not have a forecast of big winter storm in the picture on the traveling days, going and returning. Second, was that we had to rearrange our appointment schedule with work and church, got to make sure we have coverage. Third is that Ipo needed boarding, sort of a sleep over at Bubba's house, she doesn't travel well in the car. And fourth, we needed to make lodging arrangements at Nellis AFB on the trip down and on the way back.
Well the checklist went off perfectly, car loaded with travel stuff, emergency storage supplies (200 lbs. hard white wheat, and numerous vacuum packages of yeast), camera gear, church clothing, and of course, ice chest of snacks.

The exciting eventful thing going down was furiously eating clementines and oranges before we get to the California Agriculture inspection station. The guard inspected our ice chest and discovered the apples in there and asked where we got them, from Macey's of course. And he let them pass. They were only interested in the home grown stuff. Good to know for future reference. We were ready to give them up at the check point.

Another thing learned is that if your GPS plans out the trip for shortest distance and travel time, it's probably better not to deviate. As I took what I thought to be the shortest known route, it only added more travel time. Lesson learned going to California. (We decided to follow the Garmin lady's direction for the return trip, wrong! It took many, many hours longer due to the first of three storms hitting the California coast.) Next time, buy yourself a map and plan it your own way.

The best part of the trip was spending time visiting Nikki, Dan, and the kids. We had an awesome baptism service for Pookie, great time visiting and getting to know our twin grandsons, Squdge and Q-mouse. They are the cutest things. They laugh, giggle, smile, burp, spit up, and other normal things for their age. The best part is that, the whole family pitches in to take care of the little guys. Gabby, Bun, and Ethan help feed the twins along with Mom and Dad, and Hammy makes sure that they are amused with their little mobile toys.

I should mention that Pookie had both sets of Grandparents in attendance and his Uncle Ben for his baptism.
The pictures in this post are from the trip.