Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ohana Get Together, Where's The Beach??

We don't often have family get togethers where it's better we find a park or picnic ground to hold our gathering. Well, since there is few times we have one, any good reason is reason enough.
My nephew and family were in town for a family reunion for his wife's family. Well, since they travelled far, we asked if we could meet our side of the family. Their schedule was flexible and we made it an opportune moment to gather everyone possible together.
Now this is big time for us, with my nephew Aley and Sarah and their family visiting the area, we had our daughter Leslie and her children visiting us already, my nephew Jarom, who is attending BYU in the area, daughter Erin and her family and my nephews Aunt Alisie and her children, and us. We were fortunate to reserve our home Stake Picnic grounds, because all the local parks were taken. July is big on family reunions here in Utah. What a fun time we had on a warm day.
Above, picture of Erin and Ruby, trying to bear the heat of the day.

Here, our eldest grandson Christian tries out this new skate board or whatever board along with cousin Henry.

Here, Aley with daughter Audrey.

Close-up of Audrey.

The runner, Aley IV, just kept running around the picnic area and having fun at it.

Serious cousin discussion, Aley IV and Theodore check out the sand pit.

Family group shot at the picnic grounds.

Cooling off at home in the family room.

No better time than the present to hitch a horsey ride on Uncle Jarom.

Aley IV was having fun with Ipo.