Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jesse's Family

It's been a busy weekend but all worthwhile with the visit of our son Jesse and his family. They are now on the road, going to the east coast, back to Maryland.

One of the best part of the visit was with our Grandsons, little Jesse and his brother Jackson, aka, "Jack Jack."

We are hoping that they will be successful as they resettle in Maryland. The visit was short but fun. We hope at Christmas time, we can get all our children and their families to visit us then.

Looking Ahead . . . .

Well, now that one visit is concluded, I've got to get the house in shape for the visit of Ethan, Gabby, and Eli, who are bringing their parents to "Papa's house in Utah" and visit "Po doggie." they'll be arriving Wednesday evening some time. We hope that the weather does'nt slow them done on their trip. By the way, today is Nikki's birthday. Happy Birthday! Nikki!

On Friday morning, Jo returns. Yeah! Po doggie says, "My Mama is comming home!" There will be great joy in PG town, and we can go back to eating real food. Yeah!

Next week, with joy and excitement, we get Leslie & Troy with their family. Wow, what a visit and to top that off, we get also our youngest daughter Rachel and her husband Jase and their family also for several days. A great way to top off this time of the year with General Conference weekend, April Birthday celebrations and a belated March birthday also, and a traditional Easter Egg Hunt with the grandchildren. Wow! Great joy and excitement.

Anyway, this is the updated blog of the day. Bye.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Catching up with the blog! Sorry for not updating regularly on the blog page. Sometimes you have alot to say and other times, not as much or anything. However, I am glad that those interested parties whom we are related to have kept up the sport and filled us in on their lives, family, and lots of nice pictures.

For all of the month of March here, its just been me and Ipo. Until two days ago, we had no visitors. Jesse, Amy, and their boys are visiting here on their way back to the east coast. I'm including pictures of their family in this blog plus Ipo and the winter weather that has been around for most of the month.

I hope you enjoy catching up with the rest of the family pictures here. To all of you, thanks for updating your blogs regularly. We will try to do that more often, as soon as the Mama gets back to PG.

Well, this is only the start to updating the blog.