Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Remembering the Warmth

While driving to work this morning, our car recorded the outside temperature as 5 degrees. The news on the radio were saying in some places it was in the negative readings. It is cold, cold, cold. The only advantage this morning was that it didn't snow, that would mean slick road conditions, slow driving, farther distances between cars, slipping and sliding all the way, Ho, Ho, Ho!
I looked at one of our daughter's blog this morning and she shared pictures of our family trip to Hawaii. So, as we remember the warm days and evenings there, I thought I would share some warm thoughts of family and friends.
We made a point to attend church at the branch where my parents attended for many many years. There are still family and friends that remain. They in life, maintain that special spirit of Aloha! So with our families joining together, we visited the Honomu Branch. There we enjoyed the Sabbath, with an "aloha style." We visited with the matriarch, "Auntie Abbie" who is such a remarkable lady. Even at the advance age of 94 years young, she leads the music in Sacrament Meeting. Such a good family friend for all these years, she brings joy to us all and especially Mom, who is 87 years. We visited with Gail, her daughter, who is a longtime friend and even was our daughter Leslie's Young Women leader back in the early 90's.
I noticed our grandchildren just having fun with Auntie Abbie's great grandchildren. So, another generation of long lasting friendship begins. We also were blessed to visit with my brother Dean and his family. It was such a great visit, family and friends.
So, on cold, cold days such as this, I look at pictures of our trip to Hawaii and remember the warmth there. Oh yea, we got to see where the volcanic lava flow entered the ocean to create more land. Wow, what a trip.