Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Monday, April 23, 2007

When You Come To Utah?

Visiting Utah in spring can be a bit of a chance with the weather. For a couple of days, the weather was in the upper 70's and looking really good. Then came a series of small storms that put some snow on the mountains and rained enough to water the lawns and gardens.

However, when Teddy and Erin came for a visit, the weather turned cold, cloudy, and rainey, with a sprinkling of snow flakes. there wasn't a whole lot of outdoor visiting or travelling. But, Erin did get to do some important things. She started to quilt, quilt, and more quilting. That in itself is demanding especially when she'd want a quilting lesson from Jo at 11PM in the evening. However, its all good. As you can see by the pictures in this posting, Erin did a very good job quilting.

In the mean time, Teddy liked was fun to play with. He seemed very good natured and put up with my babbling and cooed and drooled. We had a good time. Theodore became my instant photo subject and didn't mide the flashes of the camera or me prompting him to pose.

We did make it to Papa's Southern Smoked BBQ and had a nice dinner. See the plate of pulled chicken, pulled pork, and ribs. It was delicious and the price was right. So tell your friends about the place.

Erin is Erin, and not without such a busy agenda or schedule. She is always on the go. I guess, that's the way she's always been. The quilting bug really got to her. And besides that, she baked some cookies last evening for cousin Elder Jarom Auna who is in the MTC. She also made dinner for Jo and I Sunday which was really good.

When we had the chance, Teddy seemed very easy to play with. He hasn't figure out the Po doggie yet.

The picture of the quilt shows had work that Erin put in. Jo helped by giving her instructions at all stages of the project. Then there was her friend Ella who also encouraged her and gave her ideas on the project. Besides that, Erin had her support group, old friends from their old ward here in PG. In all, it was never a dull moment.

At least now, the home is quiet again but the silence is deafening except for the neighbor's dog (Brodie's dog, and the other dog from the home adjacent my garden plot.) They all have to go, eventually.

We've been keeping busy keeping up with Erin. I've been pruning our fruit trees and getting the yard and garden back in shape. However, with the rain, things will have to dry out first. There is so much outdoor work to be done.

Well, we've enjoyed Erin & Teddy's visit plus we miss all our children and their families. It's good to checkout your blog postings and catch up with all the happenings. You are all so talented.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Visitors
Like Easter egg hunts, there's always surprises. Since we had no young'uns nearby, we missed all the fun preparing eggs and goodies for a real hunt.
However, we do like visits, especially surprises. This week, Erin and Theodore arrived for a short visit and we were ever so glad for that. Even the Po doggie was curious with a baby in the house.
So, with the visit, we're very happy enjoying one of our grandsons here at home. Of course, Erin and Jo have been visiting those important places with a ritualistic ferver. Such places as yard sales, Deseret Industries, the BYU Bookstore, Savers, etc., are tops on the list.
We look forward to all future visits from our children, their spouses, and grandchildren. Of course, now that the weather is warming up, it makes for a great time to visit. We miss them all.
Sorry this is a short posting. I'll try to make our posting more frequent. Aloha to all.