Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Summer is gone, fall is here and the mountain sky will never look like this picture. Being back in the real word, I often wonder why we ever left paradise. It really gets to us just about this time of the year, the leaves fall all over the place, the air is colder, snow on the mountains, and it gets dark earlier. Wow, where's the beach.

With our recent washing machine upgrade, we don't need a television to watch. We can just sit in front of the washer and watch it go through the cycle. I am amaized at the speed and efficiency that Mom's new washer can do the laundry. Now that we've solved the problem of the machine dancing all over the floor when in the high spin cycle, it's cool to watch. I can understand how addicting it can be just like Leslie's daughter Anna, watching the washing machine. I am even more amaized at how the machine will cycle in opposite directions to balance the load or unsmoosh the laundry after it's high spin cycle. Wow, who needs TV. (Frankly, I may be out of my mind on certain things, but with the prices of appliances and entertainment going up, we have to make wiser choices.)

We only had two trick o treaters come to our home this year. To purge our home from the treats, I took the candy to work and shared them with some of our student workers. After all, what harm is there with a little sugar high once in a while here in "Happy Valley"?

I think Rykell and Audrey are making a statement here. They were so cute together on the beach blanket.

I can see that Mom and I have a hard time dealing with missing all of our grandchildren. We haven't come up with a good solution to handle the withdrawls. Last evening, Mom needed to go fabric shopping to relieve some anxiety problem with missing the little ones. Even though we communicate freely via cell phones, we still are a little slow in getting our children to send photos of the grandchildren. Yeah, you know who you are. Maybe that lump of coal will come to fruition this Christmas season.


Nikki said...

SO adorable! Make sure you use the option to eliminate spam from your blog.

Leslie said...

I'm so excited to see you updated your blog. I love the photos of Hawaii (and the adorable babies!)- makes me wish I was there too when it gets cold around here!