Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Harvest Time !

This time of season is supposed to be joyful, but to tell you the truth, for Jo and I, it means a lot of work. For Ipo, it's a time of great joy and excitement. For the past month or more, she has steadily been checking the apples, actually sampling them when it suits her. Jo has taken great care in removing those that bugs have gotten to or birds have eaten. Either way, its sort of pruning out the crop to get a better crop.

Letting the dog out to do her business has always been a challenge since she doesn't always come back in the house after a reasonable amount of time. There is too much temptation with those juicy golden delicious apples, just within her reach. Ipo has learned how to stand on her hind legs to reach up to pick the apples with her mouth. Anywhere else but here, she could be classified as a worker dog.

Today, Jo went out to check and see if the apples are ready as far as sweetness. The cooler weather we received has help to change their taste and make them much better. Well, our inspector dog already knew that.

Ipo was excited to see Jo and I out there with her, as she picked up on the easy ones that just fell off the tree.

Jo and Ipo picking apples

Jo sorting the good ones from the bad ones

Ipo being tempted with an apple!

Picture of Y Mountian

Jo and Ipo


piglet26 said...

tell mom to stop losing weight, it makes her look like a frail old woman and I don't like that. Pudge up a little bit!

Leslie said...

That is so funny about Po - the apple picking dog. Send her up here to the orchards, cause I'm sure they could use her help.

And who's that sexy, skinny lady wtih Po? You are looking good mom!

Nikki said...


Dad obviously has you and Po working so hard picking apples that you've lost all your weight. It's time for you to take charge and demand those Nestle Drumsticks!

OHANA said...

Mom, you are so skinny, I can't believe it, you're not momma size anymore!! I think you need to come to Hawaii so we can fatten you up a bit!! hee hee. I miss the apple eating dog. right now we just have flower eating dogs, jase doesn't like that too much. Remember to dehydrate some apples for us!! love you all