Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More September Stuff
Just a few pictures to share showing the changes to our front garden.

Since our daughter Erin and her family moved back to PG, they decided they wanted to do a make over of our front garden, so, with shovel in hand, and other assorted tools, plus bags of mulch and other stuff, they dug it up. In retrospect, this was the first major overhaul of the front floor garden since we move in during the summer of 92. Now, the garden has taken on a new look with some other plants and stuff. We appreciate the creative undertakings. So, the next time your in the area, give Erin your praise or critique. They all did a lot of work there.
Here, they dug a little garden area near the curb and transplanted one of the rose bushes there and some other plants. We are having some concern about the rose, if its going into shock. I think its given the yard a new look. The beautifying of that area is timely since I was having to pull weeds by hand. Lots of puncture weed started to sprout up in the area.

Our married student Stake had its annual welcome social with a luau. Since I am the only resident islander, I was persuaded to participate in the festivities. The food was so-so. Sort of like a L&L taste to it but lacked the real island stuff. Oh well, I guess I was the most prominent critic.

The entertainment was from a group called South Sea Island Production, that included two entertainers and three dancers. They really must be new at this stuff or were not up to their best. Of course, they weren't from the PCC but it was an enjoyable evening.
Of course, the fire knife dance was the highlight of the show. In all, it was an enjoyable evening.

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