Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Capturing A Picture On Canvas

This blog post is a tribute to JoMama. She has been the gem of our family and marriage. Even from the first time we met, she has always been an inspiritation, fun to be with, strives for perfection, enjoys life, family, Ipo doggie, and friends. Anyone who has ever gotten to know her will tell you of how talented she is, yet in her modest being, she'll tell you the opposite.

Who do you call when your without the right ingredients for a special dish you're making? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you call or go to when you need something special sewn? JoMama, that's who!!
Who do you call when you need to repair a treasured yellow, quilted, blanket? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you call when you need your trousers hemmed or button moved on the collar? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you know that once wore combat boots and bopped dits? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you know that wrote and compiled and published her own recipe book? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you know that has more fabric for quilting, humanitarian projects and other clothing? JoMama, that's who!
Who made the quilt that graces the top of you bed? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you know that reupholstered several pieces of furniture in our home? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you go to and have your papers or resume reviewed for correct english? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you know that made your picture/memory quilts? JoMama, that's who!
Who do you know in the family that has a birthday that's comming up on April 8th? Guess carefully!
and now, who do you know is having a rebirth in painting? READ the rest, you make the call!

We have a couple of talented grandchildren who like to color and draw on paper. Give them a piece of paper and a crayon, and they start to express themselves. On a couple of occasions, I've stopped by the big huge print presses that we have in the department and pickup some large sheets of paper that are used to calibrate the print colors on a job. The guys there usually have a fair amount of blank sheets that they let me have. Then when the grandchildren are visiting, they get lots of joy from coloring on the large sheets. Thus is born a future artist. If guided and nurtured, they will learn to express their imagination and won't worry about coloring and staying inbetween the lines.

Let me share with you some of Jo's recent paintings. Before we got married, she did some painting and learned to express her imagination. What she accomplished was capturing on canvas, some of the beautiful sights we've seen in our travels. Even more fun is to stop and look out and see a beautiful scene and want to record that with a camera and then later put that same picture to canvas with oils. So, enjoy and be proud of what Jomama has done. Maybe some of these will one day hang in your living room or maybe in an art gallery.


OHANA said...

JoMama!!! that's hilarious dad!! hee hee. But so true, mom is very talented!! I love that the photos turned out great, we can't wait to get started on letting Hawaii know of their next up and coming BIG artist!!

Piglet 26 said...

wow, who took such wonderful pictures of the wonderful paintings? Her pictures are fabulous!

Troy said...
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Troy said...

Who's JoMama?