Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Monday, May 19, 2008

California Dreaming

We've been having a busy month and before I get so far behind, I thought I would update the blog page.  Generally with the end of the Winter Semester at school, we sort of wind things down to a low boring work day, week, month, etc.  However, ever since the end of the semester, things at home, church, and work have picked up.  Boy, we couldn't wait to get out of town during the first weekend of May, since it was the same time as Women's Conference.  So, when the opportunity came, we took it.  
Our trip out of town took us to Southern California via Sin city for a rest stop.  I think the m
ost pressing thing was not the destination or the drive, or where to stop 
and eat, etc., but how much the price of gas was going to hurt us.  Since we were splitting the cost of gas on this trip, we looked hard to find good reasonable prices as well as strategic stop areas.  I think it was one of our relaxing trip since we were sharing the driving and could keep ourselves entertained during the drive down.  Boy, a car dvd player is a sure must for any long trip.  It keeps the young passengers entertained, as well as the adults who are riding in the middle of the car.  Those driving or in the front seat had the responsibility to keep awake and be a navigator, sort of.  With today's technology, we were helped by a Garmin GPS which led us all the way to our destination.  Except for one software glitch, we were led exactly to where we wanted to go.  Those GPS units are so convenient, portable, and have cool map features and can talk to you.
Our main purpose for the trip was to have a family gathering at Aunt Fredda's and her family.  We had a lovely time and did our best to make good use of our time by shopping at mall outlets, and swap meets.  We visited with the family and had an enjoyable time.  
Then, our secondary purpose of the trip was to go to the Magic Kingdom.  We made every preparation to make the most of our one day trip to Disneyland, and planned accordingly. The preparation was just as fun as all the rides and walking around in Disneyland.  I don't think you could go wrong when you take your family to a place like Disneyland.  
To take advantage of timing and standing in long lines, we got a motorized wheel chair for Jo so she didn't have to walk, and I didn't have to push her around the park.  She just drove where ever she wanted to go.  At every major ride attraction, we went to the exit line and got on the ride as a handicap with her entourage.  Except for the wait at Pirates of the Carribean, the wait for a ride were reasonable.  We also took advantage of flex passes, which are cool.  
What a fun and tiring day we had but we all made it.  
Then it was the trip home and that was only bearable with watching a movie or two or three.  
So here are some photos of our gang in Southern California.  

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Leslie said...

It sounds like it was such a fun trip and that the kids did great! I love the cute photos!