Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Loosing Count???

We usually take time to do inventory work during this month of February. It's our way of taking stock of what we have on hand that hasn't sold or been used. It can get quite detailed, sometimes very tedious. All of this has to do with work but it is not the intention of this posting.

Often friends or acquaintences would ask us how many grandchildren we have. I would do a self check by repeating in my mind the following: Our son has two boys, our eldest daughter has one son and two daughters, our second daughter has four children, three sons and one daughter and is expecting, our third daughter has three sons and one daughter, and youngest daughter has two daughters and two sons. Well according to my calculations, that makes seventeen grandchildren or eleven grandsons and six granddaughters.
For a short time I would respond to any inquiry that we have seventeen grandchildren with number 18 on the way. That's all changed so the correct response should be seventeen grandchildren and three on the way or triplets on the way. Hurray! We'll just have to update the gender category as soon as we find out. How exciting. Their Tutu or Great Grandmother is totally excited, often repeating the need to stock up on daipers. You'd have to meet her and you'll see why she often repeats some profound advice.

I just got through reading my daughter's blog on coming to a realization of having triplets and that is so awesome. Of course, it's an emotional time for her and the family. My wonderful son-inlaw is taking this all in stride. At least he's not flipped out. From an observation standpoint, the biggest decision they have to look forward to is the perspective naming of the triplets and which vehicle to buy that will safely carry the whole family. Now, that's exciting.

Of course something to look forward to is finding a triple stroller, or cute outfits for picture taking, or even the mountains of diapers to stock up on. That's only the minor inconvenience. I am sure this is going to be an exciting time not only for Nikki and Dan but for the three older brothers and older sister, Pookie, Bun, Ham, and Gabby.
Who said life was going to be dull? Know ye not that these are all special spirits chosen to come down to the earth in these the last days? (Had to throw that one in.)
On Sunday, our seventeenth grandchild, Ruby Jo Kaleilanionamoku, was blessed at church. I was privileged to be in attendance as well as her other grandfather. It was a choice moment for our whole family. After the services, we enjoyed a family gathering at Erin's for lunch. Following the lunch, I left to return to my married student ward family, who were still in the Sunday block meetings. They missed me.

I should take time here to recognize our eldest grandson, Christian, turned ten in January. He also won the Pinewood Derby racing with a car he carved out and made by himself. That is awesome. Our third eldest grandson, Pookie, turned seven also in January. He's doing great in school.

We are so proud of all our children and grandchildren. You just have to check out their blogs to keep track on what's happening in their lives. It's always changing and exciting. What we like to do is talk to our family via the telephone or on the video camera link. Everytime I talk to Klailea or Rykell, they have so much to tell me besides seeing their lovely smiles. Our granddaughters Anna and Emily always have lots to tell us on the phone. We're in luck to have George, Henry, Teddy, Ruby and Bubba nearby. We usually get great big hugs from them, and tail whipping from Bubba. I guess that's what grandpa and grandma are here for? We love all our grandchildren, the nearby ones and the ones far away.

So, is it great to have grandchildren? You bet! They are all very special to us.

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Piglet de' Erin said...

wow dad your video looks really good. I think I want to borrow your camera for awhile.