Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ipo's World

Since Jo and I have been working, Ipo spends much of her time at home alone. I noticed one morning that when we leave the home, she takes advantage of the comforts of home. In her mind, it must be like saying "Now its mine, all mine, I rule from the sidewalk to the backyard wall and everything inbetween. This is all mine." I found her on the couch, curled up and snoozing away.

I 've included a few pictures of Ipo's tyrant rule. Let me explain here. When Jo and I are about to leave, Ipo will instinctively stand infront of the cupboard that has her dog food and treats. It's her way of reminding us that the payment for leaving her alone is a treat. So, she gets a doggie biscuit. In the morning, she gets the first of her meals, at 9:00AM. and in the evening, her other meal at 6:00PM. Like clock work, she's there ready for her meal. If by chance we are late, say because of traffic or we just forgot, she lets us know that she's been forgotten.

At 9:00PM, she get's her nightly medication wrapped in a small piece of sliced cheese. Thats to disguise the pill and make it easier to swallow. When we say our nighttime family prayer, she becomes obsessed with wanting to participate and say her own, often nudging us while our eyes are closed and starting to whine or bark. That is very irreverant and not acceptable. But most of the time, she wants to hug at that time, even while we're in prayer.

Jo gave her a small stuffed dog as a toy. She'll carry it around and when she has our attention, she'll clinch it in her mouth and whip from one side to the the other to show us who is boss. She's not violent but deserves a chance to play. Her favorite sport is chasing the red dot from a laser pointer.

When our children and their family come to visit, the grandchildren can approach her at any time and give her a hug, sit on her as though wanting a ride, cuddle her, shake her paw, and even pull on her ears. But the best part she likes is having her belly rubbed. Thats what dogs like best.

Of course there is many advantages to having little people around the house. They carry food or snacks and are easy pickin's for a smart dog. Dinner time with our grandchildren are the best time for Ipo. For one thing, they can't resist dropping a bit of food for her to gobble up. That's what Ipo does best. Even so, the grandchildren find it amusing and delightful, all to the dismay of the parents. Ipo's motto, if you snooze, you loose.

Ipo has many redeeming qualities. She's a good companion and doesn't snore much. She protects our home with a voracious barking at strangers or anything that looks like strangers. She's obsessed with getting the critter (raccoon) that visits our chimney during the coldest parts of winter. She partols the back yard for any danger and knows where she planted any landmines. She likes to pester visitors to let them know that the real reason they came to visit us is to visit her. But during quiet times, she likes to lay at Jo's feet or under the cutting table in the sewing room or in the room where either Jo and I are in.

If there's any fear in her heart, it is from the vacuum cleaner. She prefers to find a quiet place to lay and not be disturbed.

All of our grandchildren have mostly known one dog in their life, the "Po" doggie. She's become their loyal friend and protector. In our home, the natural order of things or hierarchy is that Ipo rules. Po doggie knows . . . . (Now, if we could only get a social security number for her, then it would make things a whole lot better. )
Sorry for no new updates on the blog but we've been busy. We've enjoyed our childrens blogs very much. It helps very much since they live very far away. bye...


Leslie said...

Such cute photos of Ipo and the family. Our kids had so much fun riding her when they were down there and she was so patient with them.

piglet26 said...

dad, I like the new blog look. ahhh we sure do miss our po doggie...i guess maybe we should move back home to be closer to our dog!

Nikki said...

Gabby especially loved all the pictures of Po doggy. She said at the end of the pictures, "Now, let's go visit Grandma and Papa so we can see our Po doggy!"

All Andersens said...

Awwww Ipo is a great dog. How long has she been in the family?? We have a dog too. Her name is Molly. She is our family too.

OHANA said...

I have never seen so many photos that describe how our Ipo really is. What a great blog dad!