Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Elijah's 2nd Birthday & Yard Sailing Treasure

Today was our grandson Elijah's second birthday. This is the fun one with his cousins and family, except for dad who is still in Minot, ND. Next week will be the official one with the rest of his family and relatives. More affectionately called Bun Bun, this little guy is full of energy, sweet and sensitive, and a handsome little guy. With the rest of his family and cousins, they are all great wonderful additions to the family.

Since its his special day, his mommy got him a neat little airplane with little people for opening today.

The other day while taking our irrigation, the kids started to play in the water and had to be hosed off before we would let them back in the house.

Our granddaughter Anna was showing me she could fly also. She would leap from the dinning room to the family room.

From today's yard sailing, this is a picture of some of the treasures. Jo and all of our daughters really love fabric and today's haul was a real treasure. Here they are sorting through the fabric.

Now, if you start them young to appreciate fabric, such as in this picture, then they'll grow up like their mommy and sew and quilt. Here is Emily appreciating the colors and fabric material, all sorted out in one of Grandma's closets.

This must be a sign of a fabric-aholic. Help, is there any therapy or support group for this?

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