Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hot Month of July

This month of July has been the hottest we've experienced since moving to Utah. Our airconditioner and evaporator cooler is on almost all the time except for late in the evenings. It's times like this that you wish the beach was nearby. Even though there is Utah Lake here, we're not that desperate to take a plunge.

So, we've been keeping cool by splashing in the irrigation water once a week, running through the sprinkler on days that we're watering the lawn, downing a few popsicles and chomping down on a few ice cream drumsticks, our favorite. It's so tempting to wade through the AF Canyon stream.

Through all of this, our grandchildren who've been visiting haven't complained a bit. The days start out warm in the morning and get toasty hot be late afternoon. We compensate for the hot weather by taking a leasurly stroll throught the supermarkets such as Maceys or Wal Mart to soak up the air conditioning.

Speaking of grandchildren here, we have seven on them visiting, Christian, Anna, Emily from Ephrata, WA. and Ethan, Gabby, Elijah, and baby "Ham" or Abraham, from Minot, ND. For the Minotians, this is very hot hot and uncomnfortable weather. But the great resiliant thing about grandchildren is that they are having fun with their cousins.

To keep busy and the children entertained, they have taken field trips to such places as that "big and spacious building" near Traverse Point (Lehi) aka Cabelas. There they enjoyed seeing the big fish in the tank swimming. If you've never been there, you got to visit one of Cabelas stores. They bring the outdoors indoor.

Yesterday, we took the whole gang to our annual Ward Dell Day up AF Canyon. It was nice to get up in the mountains and enjoy the area there. It's really close by and you get out of the low lands to enjoy the mountains.

We were hung over from lack of sleep because we joined the masses and attended BYU Bookstore's "Harry Potter Night" book release event. On our way to BYU, we passed by Barnes and Noble Bookstore and there were lots of people cued up outside, so you know all these places were doing their best to attract the crowds.

We did have a good time at BYU Bookstore. When it was time to pick up your preordered book, the line snaked around through the bookstore main floor, out the Twilight Zone, past the Lee Library, and on the the JFSB. There was alot of people dressed up in Harry Potter character parts. Our little grandson was dressed up by his mom as Dawby the house elf. Baby "Ham" won 4th place for his category. It was all fun and amusement there.
So this has been a fun hot visit by our grandchildren and their parents.

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piglet26 said...

Way to go Dobby! I knew you were a winner after I held you and rubbed off some of my Summerill winning juice. luv erin