Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Strawberry Days Pics

This is a community event. The family (grandchildren and parents participated in the Childrens Parade. Then they got complimentary ride tickets and spent the evening at the carnival.

One of the first big attractions was the giant slide. They let daring parents take their kids on the slide. I think the parents had more fun than the kids.

You don't realize how fast the ride is and how your heart is left at the top of the ride until you get to the bottom.

George chose the more adventurous climbing and a big slide down at the end.

Drivers Ed is a big concern especially when its time to give them a liscence and pay for the insurance. So, its time to start them young so they can get the discounts later.

Here Henry got to choose the flying saucer ride and seemed to enjoy the thrills.

So even the big kids got their chance for some thrills.

On Saturday, there is the big Strawberry Days Parade. This is a big community event. So, there are some opportunities to make some money selling canned drinks and otterpops. This was a successful one for Nikki and the kids. When the temperature nears a hundred, people don't mind paying a dollar for a canned drink.

It was good training for future business tycoon "Pookie" as he helped sell otterpops.

If you hold a parade, people will come. Here Erin and good friend Ella sit under an umbrella waiting for the parade to begin.

The parade is for everyone, so young and older attend and make a day of it.
If you ever come to PG during Strawberry Days, stay for the parade, it's worth it. Just one big community event.

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