Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Family On The Move
Yesterday, my nephew (RM) Jacob called to let me know he was in town attending some training for Especially For Youth at Provo. I was excited to see him, since his recent completion and return from the mission field. When I went to meet him, he was directing people traffic from the EFY groups and seemed to be well liked, admired, and almost drooled over by the EFY young women. Well, what more can you ask for than a handsome Polynesian from the islands and a RM to boot?
They were greeting him with Aloha's and it was well received. Anyway, I see that his mission did him great loads of good, he's much more mature, has a sweet and humble spirit, and is well mannered. Above all, he is happy to be attending this EFY training.

Of course, he is taller or I am just getting shorter. Jacob looks well.

Several days ago, our grand daughters were visiting and here is Klailea, just tired but watching a video in their car. She was a big help in the garden and fun to be with.

Rykell, though tired, also enjoyed watching the video in the car.

Here is a picture of a stream near the 13th hole orf Homestead GC. It was a pretty peaceful scene.

As I passed Deer Creek dam area, the background of Mt. Timpanogos looked just majestic.

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