Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blur of a Weekend
By the time the Friday afternoon rolls around, we usually look forward to a bit of a relief and relaxation from the busy work week. That translates to sleeping in on Saturday morning, of course following some date nite activity on Friday evening. However, by the time we get home from work, we're too tired to go out, plus Ipo doggie wants to play. There's the other important things such as cutting the lawn, watering the vegetable gardens, watering the lawn, and cleaning the house.
This weekend had its own schedule. On Saturday morning, I was scheduled to participate in a golf tournament sponsored by Fujifilm Company. The tournament was held at Homestead GC in Midway (next to Heber City). The tournament is held in two groups, morning and afternoon, with a luncheon provided plus participation gifts given. I was assigned to the morning group. So, with anticipation, I planned my schedule to get to bed early and rested so I could get up early and drive the rode to Midway (50 minutes up Provo Canyon past Deer Creek etc.)

However, my plans were interrupted on Friday evening about 10:00PM when I get a call from the Church's Facility Maintenance Group (FM Group) that the picnic pavilion for our Married Sutdent Stake Center (LDS Church) had been set on fire and pretty much destroyed. That message sent a chill down my spine. The fire was suspiciously set and no one was caught or charged. Part of my church responsibilities was to inform our local leaders and find out more about the cause and all the facts. After I had done this, at 11:00PM, I drove to the Stake Center to survey the damage. Of course, the Fire Marshall Fire Inspector (FMFI) was conducting an investigation at the time. The fire department was still on scene, and three other church officials were there. I answered some general questions, and then was permitted to photograph the fire damage.
It was devastating to look at in the middle of the night with the pungent burnt smell in the air. However, looking at the next morning was even more of an eye opener. The fire was of such a magnitude that it toasted or burnt the whole roof section and of course, the heat destroyed everything in the pavilion.

As you can see, it was such a tragedy. There was estimated $90K worth of damages to the structure and equipment. With the openness of the access, we sometimes overlook how blinded we are to security requirements or how trusting we are to others.

A horrifying thought is if it was on the main church building or to someone's home. Fire's are so destructive.
This was a rude awakening for the members and leaders of the Stake. We will now have to improve upon our security procedures and take better care of the facilities. Today, I received information the the Church will rebuild the pavilion in about 6 - 8 weeks from now. So, that's a blessing. Since this is the only facility for this Stake, it will sure come in to good use.
So, after a short night sleep, I drove to Midway and golfed in the morning. It was sure pretty driving up the canyon and past Deer Creek. The golfing was alright and a fun time.

In the afternoon, I had a chance to golf 9 holes with my son inlaw, Jason and his Dad at Cedar Hills GC. It was fun and we certainly enjoyed the time out there. After dinner, we prepared for going to North Salt Lake for my grandson's baby blessing.

Those who participated in Shae's baby blessing.

Here is Shae with his parents and Maternal Grandparents, Sterling and Jo. He seemed very contented especially with all the fuss and attention.

Grandpa, Shae, and Jason.

Baby Shae with is parents and Paternal Grandparents Rand and Shelly.

The baby blessing was memoriable not only because of family that joined in but special neighbor guest, Elder & Sister Uchtdorf. It was a thrilling opportunity to meet them.

We've enjoyed the visit of Rachel, Jason and their children. It's been a fun time and itsa always good to get to be reaquainted with our grandchildren. We now have 15 grandchildren and they all are so great. We miss them all. One of these days, we'll get them all together in one place to visit with them all. We keep hoping and planning.
So now, that the weekend is over, we sure miss the time with family. This coming weekend is not without its thrilling excitement. But that's for another Blog Page. See you all later.


Leslie said...

I'm so sad to hear about the fire! That's so horrible that someone would do that but I'm glad it wasn't the church or homes.

I love the photos from the baby blessing. Thanks for sharing!

OHANA said...

I love the photos, they turned out great.. I still can't believe about the have way too much time on their hands these days.