Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"June Is Busting Our All Over"

We're having a wonderful June month this year, much busier than in previous years. It's always great when our children bring their families for a visit.
Earlier, we had Rachel and Jason with their children visiting. Our granddaughters are such a ham. They wanted to make funny faces as you see here in this photo. But in truth, they are fun to be with and just darling.

Here, Rachel and her daughters visit with Jo in the sacred quilting room. They were having fun and Grandma was showing them how things are done, using a computer and making designs and stuff.

Rachel and daughter Klailea were a big help in my garden. They helped plant and later water the garden. Here, Rachel is cutting the ground cover to plant some savoy cabbage. The ground cover will keep the weeds out of that are while letting water through to nurish the plants. Klailea just loved planting a garden.

Here is my Grandson Shae with his dad and I just aftern his baby blessing. He's a handsome little guy.

On Friday before Fathers Day, our daughter Nikki and her children came for a surprise visit, just making the weekend a perfect one for us. Here she is with her newborn Abraham, or Ham for short. He's a tiny little guy with good lungs.

This is Grandma with grandson Elijah or "Bun" for short. He is turning into a very handsome little one. Though shy, he is warming up to us grandparents very quickly.

On Saturday morning, our daughter Erin and her husband Mark and their sons flew in from Laie for a visit to coincide with a business trip. We were excited to see them. Here are my handsome grandsons with me. Of course this visit was timed just right.

Of course, they are getting a little bigger than the last time and so it was just right that they should be riding their bicycles with their mom.

The older of our visiting grandsons, George is seated with his dad Mark. We can see that he's grown a bit since last fall.

Always a good spot for a rest is our front porch bench as we watched our grandchildren play in the yard and driveway. The warm days are pleasant right now.
Our grandson Henry and his cousin Gabby share a ride on the tricycle and did a good job not getting hurt.

Of course, Fathers Day wouldn't be complete without a Ginger lei and surrounded by some of my children and grandchildren. This picture was take just after I was set apart as Bishop, this time in a BYU Married Student Ward. This occassion is my 4th time called as a Bishop.

We all tried to put on our best behavior in church and while still attired rightly, took some family shots. Here is daughter Nikki with her Children. Dan is back in ND at work in the air force and also studying to finish up his schooling for his Masters. I guess the peace and quiet with help him concentrate better at this very important time in his career.

And lastly, this is the official picture for this latest calling as Bishop. We enjoy the work and serving with the married students or young marrieds of this particular BYU Stake. Afterall, we were once in their position many years ago.
I thought we would share the news to all of our friends and family with the latest happenings in our family. Our love to all. Aloha...............

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jase said...

I love the photos, I can't believe Nikki has 4, everyone looks so good and the little ones are so cute. Welcome baby Ham, so sad that we missed everyone! Love you all