Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Month of Feburary

On a university campus, perhaps just the same on many other parts of the country, getting the right Valentines gift is just as important as remembering your wedding anniversary or some significant date such as that. Being too busy to remember is identified as one of the top ten reasons that won't cut it in such a significant time of the year. So, from a clipping I found recently, a list of "What NOT to Give Her For Valentines Day" just read it for wisdom and perhaps a warning:

1. A box of chocolates, clumsily rearranged in an attempt to hide the fact you ate all the caramel ones.

2. Any food item with the words "diet," "light," or "high fiber" on the label.

3. Any video starring Sylvester Stallone or Jim Carrey.

4. Flowers from a hospital's gift shopp- - or worse, a mortuary's.

5. Any household appliance, power tool or other item from the harder side of Sears.

6. A gift certificate.

7. Cash.

8. Anything you could have bought at the gas station mini-mart on the way over, even if you didn't.

9. An apologetic look and the words "That was today?"

In almost 35 years of marriage, I certainly can remember or identify with the just shared list of blunders. Now, sometimes I find it hard to justify expensive roses, price driven up by the demand of the occassion, or perhaps jewelry, which I find has little or no utility, or some other stupid reason, however, it is better to bend to the will of the occassion and make some or alot of meaningful gesture in recognizing the occassion. In this case, for some, peace and well-being is a higher priority.

Now I have to commend the younger generation, such as those of our children's spouses and family. Last night, our grandsons who live nearby brought Valentine cards and a heart shaped sucker. That was really thoughtful.

On Saturday evening, we attended our Married Student Stake Valentines Dance. The band was great, music too loud, refreshments appropriate, and activity outstanding, if you're an under 30 or 20 something. Anyway, it was good to support them and we at least celebrated early.

Later, we get to celebrate our significant 35th Wedding Anniversary. How cool is that?
This is also a month of a couple of birthdays, Jason, Jesse, and Troy. Happy Birthday Sons.

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OHANA said...

so cute dad!! I love it, maybe these are thoughts we can pass on to the men of the family!! hee hee.