Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Family Christmas Tradition

Our familly has mostly celebrated Christmas with a gala Christmas Eve event. Of course, that means having a special evening with Christmas Eve dinner and program with family and friends. With all the preparations that go into making it successful, there is a lot of benefit for doing this.

For us, we celebrated an early Christmas with Nikki, Dan, and their children. Since this is a special time of the year, we are blessed to have our children come and celebrate Christmas with us, otherwise, it would be a very quiet one here below "G" Mountain.

For one thing, you can have an enjoyable and meaningful dinner for the family as you celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Ours has to do with a nice dinner and a special home evening. We read the Bible story of the birth of Jesus, sing Christmas hymns and act out certain pertinent scenes from Matthew and Luke of the Bible. The special part is that our grandchildren are now the actors and they do a great job with special help and coaching from their parents.

We enjoy the Nativity Story and then have some special gift openings and a nice dessert. By then, its off to bed for the children, more wrapping for the parents, and then to bed.

Our grandchildren get so excited that its hard for them to go to bed. I guess they inherited that from their parents.

On Christmas Morning, we awake and can have our Christmas Stockings to discover. Everyone has to wait until the whole family is assembled and then one of the children will be designated to hand out the presents. We wait each turn in opening so as not to be a free for all. Though it can be time consuming, we enjoy the excitement and the company.

Thats the way its been, and thats the way it will be. After all the presents are opened and we clean up, we can enjoy our gifts and gift giving. Meals or food is easy, left overs from the dinner on Christmas Eve. The day is spent together and just a family together time. Later, we may visit others.

Anna, Leslie, Troy, Emily, Christian

Spending time with family is the highlight of the season. To all, we extend our Christmas greetings and our most joyous Aloha.

Henry, Erin, Theodore, Mark, George

Sterling, Priscilla, Boyd, Jo

Family Tradition - Christmas Eve


All Andersens said...

That is sooo neat. I wish that I could of visited with all the family at Grandma's on Christmas Eve. How fun! Love you guys! Crystal

Nikki said...

What a cute little stable crew! And wow, Emily is so much bigger. Anna looks like a little Leslie. How fun to see everyone!

OHANA said...

wowzers how the family has grown, I don't know how we'll all fit in the house when we finally get everyone there for Christmas. I love the actors and especially the donkey..hee hee.

Leslie said...

We sure had a fun time with you!Anna is still talking about all the fun at Papa's house. I love seeing the photos of the nativity reenactment.