Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekends, Time For Relaxing or Work @ Home ? ? ?

There comes a time when things that you purchase out live their warranty, life span, usefulness, and or give up the ghost. We move to PG in 1992 from Hawaii. We had new carpet put in the family room and master bedroom. That was 14 plus years ago. In between, the carpet was vaccumed, shampooed, peeed on, pooped on, thrownup on, color, stained, rained (leaking roof) on, and probably some things I've forgotten about since.
In the family room, we relaxed, gathered as a family, played, hosted parties, let the grandchildren crawl all over, gave the dog a place to stretch out on, watched TV, movies, and video games, etc., etc. That must be the most used place or well worn place in our home. It's a fun place.
Well, this past weekend, we decided to replace the carpet. It was beginning to show more than its wear. We searched for a replacement carpet, searched the adds in the paper, and went to a couple places to price shop. We selected what looks to be a short shag with a blend of colors that matched the room, furniture, and was appealing. In the process, we learned the addvantages and disadvantages of polyester and nylon, the carpet weave and consttruction, and the carpet pad qualities. (I'd say that we about learned as much as one would for a mid-term exam in that short time period.)
Anyway, we got a more than fair price, set the date for the installer to come, and arranged for help to move the furniture. When it came time to start the move, my nephew Jarom became the mover of choice. As a backup on the Friday evening, I asked a neighbor but at the time, he was home watching his little children. In stepped Jo, and we pressed on. Jarom and I emptied the wall units, and dressers, and proceeded to move the furniture to the living room, entrance hallway, and kitchen. Surprisingly, Jo and I moved the bed (large mattress) to the hallway. Since it was so hard to lift, we put a blanked down, and I dragged the blanket with mattress on it and Jo pushed. We 'gotter done!"
We moved everything out in time for the carpet guy to make some measurements, pull up the carpets and roll them to haul away, and he did the same thing to the carpet pad. What was gross was the dirt under the pad that made its way through the carpet and pad. Once swept up, they were ready to begin laying the carpet.
After it was all done, Jarom came and help put the furniture back in the rooms. The only exception is that we decided to move the furniture around and position the wall units in different parts of the room. So, what that translate into was moving the furniture around several times and to its final place. That decision came because we were tired of moving the furniture. The hard part was trying to make a 1970's designed room fit the modern day use.
Now, we just hope to get good use out of the room as we did before.


Nikki said...

It looks really good. I like how you rearranged. Did you have to clean under the carpet and pad? Or did the carpet folk do that? Good Po picture too. :)

OHANA said...

Wowzers, what a weekend. I thought I was busy, you guys really got a lot done those days. Thanks goodness for family help huh? I really like it, it looks like new stains and wear and tear won't be easy to notice. Can't wait to walk on it myself.

piglet26 said...

Looks good mom and dad, but you know when I come I will probably want to move more things around and really "remodel"! hahaha

Leslie said...

That is so nice of Jarom to help with all that moving. And the carpet looks great!I wish ours was a little darker like that to hide more possible stains.