Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekend - Memorial Day

The fun part of spending time with family is getting to know our children and grand children again. They grow up fast. We've been visiting with our daughter Rachel and her family here in the month of May. the grandchildren are so much fun and what a joy it is to have noise back in our home again.

We've been enjoying time together, playing with the grandchildren, watching children programs, snacking on microwave popcorn, some angel food cake dessert with strawberries, watermellon, and any left overs.

There's been trips to the playground, shopping at all the popular spots, such as DI, Savers, JoAnns, etc. Those are the things that most people do on their vacation or celebrating some time off from work.

Sometimes you go and go and go, that you get just pooped out. So its crash on the couch for a break before you go again.

Our Grandson has grown quiet alot. Shae seems to take to his grandmother. He has a cute giggle and is thrilled when you call his name.

Of course, when you get up early on a holiday, that to others is very unAmerican or not neighborly.

So, we did our Memorial Day tribute by raising or posting the flag on our home. The girls thought it was a neat thing to do. They liked the flag waiving in the air.

We paid our respects to the flag and posed for a picture taking moment.

Both Klailea and Rykell thought this was an important day.

As with holidays, you get to go to the play ground as part of the fund.

We hope you too had a great holiday weekend.

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Nikki said...

So cute! What a chunk that little guy is!