Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy 11th Anniversay to Troy and Leslie!!

Today is our duaghter Leslie's 11th wedding anniversay to Troy. Since I am away on an expidetion and to access to some photos that would bring back memories, I thought I would share some of the highlights of this blessed union: (I'm trying to be like our daughter Nikki, who can come up with all this numbering stuff!)

1. Troy loves our daughter Leslie so much so that he gave up his beautiful Mazda RX7 (red) car so he could drive around in a more modest older Nissan (I think). After all, the Mazda wouldn't hold as many grocery bags as the Nissan. I really thoughjt the red car was cool!
2. They received such wonderful wedding gifts at their reception in Lyndon, WA, and we got to haul the presents back in our travel trailer for them while they went on their honeymoon. There were some beautiful matching bath towels, etc., to start their new life. At one of their first apartments (basement dwelling), there was a backup of the sewer or drain, and in an emergency, they used the beautiful towels to help stem the rising tide, but in reality, ruined the beautiful new towels. Oh well, if that emergency didn't happen, the poopy diapers or something like it would have won out.
3. To get to know his new father-inlaw better, Troy takes him fly fishing on the Provo in November weather. While fishing, his father-inlaw falls in the river, and had to swim for it. Later when he caught up with the father-inlaw, he had the presense of mind to call leslie and make sure there was clean dry towels at there apartment for Dad, also, not to laugh, but especially, not to tell Mom. (Good guy, don't make to old man look bad.)
4. Since Leslie was the first of the family to get married, and set a tradition in place, Leslie and Troy were set in front of the entire family and questioned about their intentions to get married, what kind of person Troy was, etc. This would make the Spanish Inquisition seem pale in comparison. Troy, good natured and a good sport calmly accepted the intense questioning by his future sister-inlaws.
5. Troy asked for Leslie's hand in a most sincere and dignified way. Buddy, from that point on, you set the standard for the rest of the future son-inlaws in this family.
6. Always creative, talented and with an eye for solving problems, Troy got some old wood, spare lumber pieces, and built shelving in their apartment for things like storage, etc. Later, he gave one of the shelves to us, which we still use to this day.
7. At the wedding in the Seattle LDS Temple, the only tears of joy shed in the sealing room were from Troy and I. I love you son! It was also there that Leslie lost her bridal veil somewhere at the temple.
8. When son Christian was born, after Leslie's long labor, there was hubby Troy, mother, dad, and sisters present plus a person that was a Doula or abdoula or something like that. Something about a birth coach?
9. Though Troy and Leslie relocated to WA, we are blessed with their happiness there and it's a good place to raise a family.
10. Even though they are far away, we keep in pretty close regular contact, by blogspotting, phone calls, occassional visits, etc.
11. They have a beautiful family and the wonderful children, Christian, Anna, and Emily, compliment each other. They in turn make our entire family a piece of heaven on earth.

Happy 11th anniversary. Love to you all.


Leslie said...

Ahhh, that is such a sweet post. I'm surprised at what a good memory you have (are you sure you didn't get some tips from Nikki?) and it totally made me grin! I had almost forgotten about my poor wedding towels used to clean the black muck that day, or when you fell in the river. Good times, lol I'm just one darn lucky girl to have such a great dad and hubby!

Troy said...

That day at the river was a good one. One additional fun memory to add would be frozen night at Yellowstone. I still laugh at that one. I don't think I've ever been so cold in my life! It sure was a good time. Yes, it has been a crazy yet wonderful 11 years together with Leslie and the rest of the family. I am truly blessed to be part of the Calabio clan, crazy as it is. I love you all!

piglet26 said...

dad, abdoula is a singer...Paula Abdul?!? hahahahaha..I don't think she is a midwife in training.