Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sound Off!

I guess at times we are naive to think that blogs are harmless rants and raves of twisted minds or the ill conceived posts of people just letting off personal thoughts and expressions. Perhaps its an opportunity to just let off some internet gas, politely and not have to look around and apologize in public. Harmless, innocent, just fun, but over the past year, it seems the fun family/friend blogs are falling victim to a few who deem to take its credibility and use it for abusive desires. Shame on those who use the innocent content of others to cause harm in any form, shame on you.

If you are one of these people of whom I'm referring to, how about giving it a rest? Whatever your intention is, just know that family/friend blogs don't need your contribution or abuse. Leave us alone, just go get a life.

Now for all those whom we communicate and confide with, I think the world of your blog contributions and entries. It helps to keep in touch and to enjoy your happy lives.

Some time ago, one of our family members felt the need to privatize access to their blog, and for good reason. I thought it was extreme, but over time felt better because it gave their content a select audience, of family and friends. Later, another family member decided to change the information/names of actual people in the household to protect identity and keep things on a more not to personal level. I certainly agree on this need to shield our loved ones from potential harm. Another family member expressed their decision to limit the access to their blog page due to miss representation and missinformation.

I know, we all don't live our lives only through and on blog pages. I barely have time to read them or check them once a day. However, when I get the chance, they are important to me and that perhaps is how I keep up with the goings on of people who mean alot to me personally. Keep the faith, let's "keep moving forward", from the video "Meet the Robinsons". Have a nice day.


Leslie said...

You go, Dad! It really frustrates me that negative freaky people use whatever information they can to cut others down so they can build themselves up. I'm glad we do have good friends and close family out there though that always know the truth and lend a listening ear.

OHANA said...

You have been TAGGED!! Go to our blog to understand and have fun!! I love the blog dad, I agree!!