Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home To The Islands
It's taken me a couple of days to get over the jet lag and get back to the time difference from a visit to Hawaii. The trip was short but I got to spend time with our family and that was the most important matter. On Oahu, I loved visiting with Rachel and Jase and the children. They filled my time there with so much fun and enjoyment. The children have grown a bit and are a joy to be with.
They took me all over the island and it was great fun to see the different tourist spots. Both Klailea and Rykell are such sweethearts and they are so bright and funny.
This island hasn't lost its beauty or appeal, just lovely. Wow, how I miss the green lush color of the countryside. They only challenge was to get accustomed to the humidity and rain.
We got to see the Aloha Swap meet and shopped for all the goodies that are offered there.
We travelled throught the impressive H-3 Freeway and through the mountain several times. It's fun to look out the window of a fast moving van and take pictures of the mountains. Click, click, click, click. . . . . . Hope I don't get one of those light poles in the pictures.
Sometimes I wonder why we every left the islands. You only have to look at how crowded, how busy the traffic is, and then look at the price for just living there, then you get a sense of reality.
It is a blessing to have Rachel and Jase and the family there. Almost like a strategic Bed and Breakfast, or perhaps, a Bed and Luau, or a Bed and Tour Guide, or just family. How nice.

The beach at Sunset is always a popular place to stop at.

Then, you always have to get a dozen or so malasadas. This is a tradition and fixture.

At a park on the North Shore, the kids played hide and seek from Grandpa.

The picture tells it all. Klailea, Grandpa, Shae, and Rykell.


Leslie said...

Those photos are SO cute! Those kids are adorable and it looks like you had a blast!I'm starting to wish I was heading to Hawaii again myself now that our temperatures are in the 40s at night.

jase said...

I love the photo of the H3, it turned out absolutely GREAT!! You are a great photographer, I must say and I did help maybe a little with the click, click, click, click, click....hee hee hee!! We had a great time. Rykel is very say that her gwampa is gone and tells us often..."I want my gwampa to come home!" We miss you dad.

Nikki said...

Pookie looked at these pictures and said, "I love my Papa." And this morning here, it is 22 degrees and there is frost on everything and fog. brr!