Amid all other influences

Amid all other influences
"reaching for the light"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pics of Paradise

An old rock wall made of lava rock was decorated with some plants seen growing on its top.

Modern super roadways climb up the east side of the Koolau Mtn. range on Oahu.

Gigantic breadfruit tree with fruit in abundance growing on the side of the road on the Hamakua Coast.

Rain clouds approach Coconut Island in Hilo Bay.

Scene of Onomea Bay, once an arch on the Hamakua coast. The arch fell sometime in the late 50's but still a popular scenic spot.

Two old fishing boats layup on drydock perhaps to one day put out to sea again.

A couple pass the time away fishing from Laie Point as the waves come crashing against the rocks.

Trees grow over an old road, once the major roadway along the Hamakua coast.

Picture of a colorful plant that graced the front yard of a home near the roadway.

At a popular local fast food resturant, the menu is to die for if you like local food or grinds. Courtesy of Cafe 100, a landmark in Hilo dining.

A bamboo grove on the side of the old highway of the Hamakua coast.

Still popular to locals, this Queen Liliuokalani Park is a combination of several Oriental cultures captured in one spot.

Hope you liked the pictures. Enjoy.


jase said...

great shots dad, you are a fabulous photographer.

piglet26 said...

ok, I think that your pictures are good!